Ideal Clients

Our services are not limited to the elderly or developmentally disabled. There are many people who need care, including people with special needs or parents who need support with disabled children, and people recovering from an accident or illness who need help at home. Some of our current and ideal clients include:

  • Any individual who qualifies for EPSDT, Supervised Independent Living, Long Term Personal Care Services, NOW Waiver, Children’s Choice, and Private Pay
  • Parents with children who have physical or mental challenges
  • Seniors facing a temporary or permanent stay in a nursing home
  • Any individual requiring a minimum of 4 hours of care on any given day, whether in rehab, or in their own home
  • Individuals experiencing short or long-term illness or injury due to a workman’s compensation claim
  • Children who have a physical or mental disability

Find out whether you fit within our “ideal client” category today. Talk to us about your unique family needs. 800-798-6565

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