Our Staff

One thing that sets CARE, Inc. apart from other home care agencies is that our caring spirit is not limited just to the care we give our clients. We care about people, including our staff. They are the backbone by which our company has grown to one of Louisiana’s largest in-home care providers. We pay them well and do everything we can to make them happy, which translates to positive attitudes in the care we give our clients.

Our office is comprised of amazing support staff, including supervisors, HR, scheduling department, quality assurance team who handles billing, and a very special “Elite Backup Group” of caretakers who fill in when a caregiver cannot make their shift due to illnesses, vacation, etc. These people are the best of the best, and are considered to be the “Elite”.

Our staff makes sure every client is attended to on time, whether it’s for a billing, scheduling or any kind of concern. We care, and we handle it professionally, courteously and promptly. We have become one of Louisiana’s premier caregivers because… WE GENUINELY CARE!

Now with over 800+ employees, we are large enough to handle any assignment, but not too big to overlook the fundamental aspects of our success. Care, Inc. is big, but we still have that small atmosphere that places emphasis on personalized attention and exceptional service.

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