Family Support for the Elderly

Bringing Families Together with Supportive Hands

Nobody likes to think of what will happen to their parents as they age naturally and grow more dependent on family support for daily activities, but it happens. Many seniors feel confused, frustrated or vulnerable when they risk losing freedoms they have grown accustomed to. It can even lead to a decline in their health because of the stress on their mental wellbeing.

The love of family members is the backbone of success in helping seniors to achieve great care. Many seniors have shown a drastic decline in health when placed in a nursing home or assisted living, because they feel helpless and afraid or like life is not worth living if they are not within their own comfort zone. It’s true, there really is no place like home.

CARE, Inc. is a great solution to the dilemma faced by families who are unable to dedicate around-the-clock care to their aging loved ones. Our elder care services enable seniors to live their life without that feeling of vulnerability and fear. They feel more at peace in their own home, so we come to their home with quality Care Attendants to assist with all types of day-to-day living tasks. The companionship and conversation is a way to make elderly clients feel more at ease, whilst the families enjoy peace of mind in knowing their elderly parent or grandparent is well cared for.

Families who remain actively involved in choosing a care provider are often very pleased with the comfort and satisfaction derived by their loved one’s ability to continue living at home, rather than being faced with an institutionalized environment.

It is a big decision and family support is instrumental in achieving a successful outcome. If you are considering CARE, Inc., here are some important questions to evaluate:

  • Does my parent/grandparent or elder person need in-home care?
  • Will they be receptive of the care offered?
  • What types of care assistance is needed (i.e. – transportation to doctor’s appointments, light housekeeping, companionship, and personal hygiene)?
  • How will the personality of the Care Attendant mesh with the senior?
  • Is there someone who lives close by in case of any emergencies?
  • Are the Care Attendants trained to handle different situations?

We know this is a difficult time for your family and that your plans can be confusing. We’re here to assist any way we can and help you make the best decision that is right for your circumstances.

Family Support is essential.
We’d like to become part of your extended family as your primary in-home care provider.
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