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It’s the simple things that mean the most

Nobody wants to think about having to place a family member in an institutionalized facility. Not just because of the uncertainty about the way they will be cared for, but because they know that their loved ones would just feel more comfortable in their own environment. Living at home, receiving in home care, and having the freedom to live in privacy, peace and comfort is something to be grateful for.

CARE, Inc. embraces this notion by providing comprehensive in home care services. Our Care Attendants are nurturing, helpful people who sincerely want to help and who enjoy doing what they do best – providing amazing care services. This preserves the ability for your loved one to maintain a level of independence that simply cannot be matched within a nursing home or assisted living facility. Because really… is there any place on earth better than home?

Some of the duties they are trained to perform include:

  • Personal Care – Includes grooming, bathing, bathroom, bed transfers, and personal hygiene
  • Companionship – Will assist with errands, appointments, light housekeeping chores, preparing meals, grocery shopping or just keeping the client company with a trip to the park or while at home
  • Safety – Helping elderly or disabled persons with getting up, mobility, rehab exercises, or watching them through the night
  • Special needs – Alzheimer’s and dementia patient care, respite care, injury or terminal illness assistance, care for the developmentally disabled, etc.

Some of our Care Attendants care so much about the families they meet that they become like part of your extended family. Most of our staff does this because they are passionate about people and feel called to provide care because it is rewarding and fulfilling. As a result, our clients feel loved, stimulated and happier since they can still enjoy living in their own home environment while being properly attended to.

Experience first rate in home care from a company who cares.
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