New Opportunities Waiver

What is a NOW Waiver?

Many people do not realize that they are eligible for NOW Waivers, which are one of the government’s programs that allows care services to be offered by an in-home care assistant who would otherwise require institutionalization. These are known as Home and Community Based Services Waiver programs. Although the demand for these services is high, there is a first-come, first serve waiver that puts individuals who meet the criteria in Louisiana on a RFSR – Request for Services Register for (DD) Developmental Disabilities.

If you wish to be added to this registry, you should contact your local (OCDD) Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities office within your particular community or county. You cannot begin the waiver process until there is an opportunity available, however upon acceptance you would be assessed based upon medical and financial considerations.

The (NOW) New Opportunities Waiver is intended for those people whose wellbeing and welfare can be benefitted by in-home care support as the least confining alternative treatment.

Here is a list of the many Louisiana NOW Waiver services covers:

  • (IFS) Individualized & Family Support Service Day Or Night
  • Specialized Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Center Based Respite
  • Community Development & Integration
  • One-Time Transitional Services
  • Environmental Accessibilities Adaptations
  • Supportive Living
  • Skilled Nursing Services
  • Day Habilitation And Transportation
  • Sub Family Care
  • Supported Employment & Transportation
  • Training For Employment
  • Personal Emergency Response

People requesting NOW Waivers must meet both medical and psychological requirements as outlined by ICF and DD guidelines. This applies to all ages over three and must meet the definition for development disability in Louisiana. Learn more here.

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