Caring for Your Family’s Unique Needs

It used to be impossible for families to avoid having to place their elderly parents within the care of assisted living facilities and nursing homes, as well as institutionalizing children with disabilities due to the inability to provide full-time care. We understand that our clients feel more comfortable and at ease at home, which also preserves their need for independence and happiness.

We help your loved ones to stay happy, comfortable and self-sufficient, while giving families reassurance of high quality care.

Our Care Attendants are qualified, well trained and people oriented to serve you in many ways. From day-to-day chores like laundry or housekeeping, to running errands or getting clients to doctor’s appointments on time, we offer many levels of care services. There are also those subtle, unspoken qualities; such as being there for conversation and support. These characteristics go without saying. Our in-home Care Attendants are unsurpassed in their commitment to give your family members their freedom by assisting them with all of their in-home needs.

Take a look at what CARE, Inc. can offer your family:

All of our services are tailored to your family’s needs on an individual basis. Your circumstances are unlike anyone else’s, so let us match the right Care Attendant to come and help you, whether for simple tasks or complex care management.

At CARE, Inc., we sincerely want to make a difference in your life. Call 800-798-6565 or contact us with any inquiries today.

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