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Do you feel like your aging parents would feel more comfortable living in their own home instead of within an assisted living facility or nursing home? For many families, they fear placing their elder loved one in an environment that does not embrace their independence. Our Elder Care Services are the perfect solution for families who wish to preserve the independence of their loved ones. , as well as institutionalizing children with disabilities due to the inability to provide full-time care. We understand that our clients feel more comfortable and at ease at home, which also preserves their need for independence and happiness.

Our goal is to preserve your aging parent's independence while providing the highest quality care, allowing them to remain at home in comfort with the help of a trusted companion.

Our Care Attendants are highly skilled and love serving people. We can do simple tasks such as assistance with errands and appointments, or we can offer around the clock care services. Our trained Care Attendants are dedicated to give you the customized support you need.

These are just a few of the CARE, Inc. elder care services we offer:

  • Support Coordination (AKA – Case Management)
  • Transition Intensive Support Coordination: Providing assistance to people moving out of nursing homes
  • Personal Assistance Services: Supervision and help with basic self-care activities, errands and tasks such as dressing, bathing, preparing meals and so forth. One-on-one, personal assistance.
  • Group Assistance: Although most clients opt for individual care, we do offer elder care services by one worker for up to three waiver participants who live together and who use the same direct service provider.

For a complete list of services please visit the DHH website.

All of our Louisiana elder care services are tailored to your family’s individual circumstances. We match you with the right Elder Care Assistant to meet your personal requirements.

Let CARE, Inc., make a difference in your loved one’s care.
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