Preserving Independent Living at Home

We truly CARE about your family. It’s why we are in business as one of Louisiana’s oldest and largest premium home care service providers. All of our CARE plans are customized for the needs of your loved one or family member. Whether you need someone to just help with errands and companionship, or around the clock assistance, we provide in-home CARE services 24/7.

Supporting independent living helps your special family member to maintain comfort and live life to the fullest

CARE, Inc. is fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind that your special family member is properly cared for. We take pride in giving undivided attention, ongoing training and supervision, hundreds of CARE workers and four growing offices in Baton Rouge, Laplace, Covington and Hammond, LA, to ensure the care of your loved one is our top concern. Our primary CARE services include:

  • One-on-one Personal Care
  • In-Home Companionship Programs
  • Independent Living Assistance & Support
  • Specialized Care for Special Needs
  • Caring for Children with Disabilities
  • Care for Victims of Accidents or Illnesses who Require In-Home Assistance

Among the many benefits of choosing CARE, Inc. to assist with your loved one, you will find that our employees strive to exceed expectations with a genuine attitude of helpfulness. From meal planning and household chores; to transportation and errands, we work diligently to make sure your family member’s needs are met.

Take a look at the many CARE services we offer to find the right solution for your family. We look forward to providing you with exceptional CARE!

Recent Blog Posts

Many seniors dread the thought of having to be institutionalized in a nursing home or other type of long-term care facility. Rightly so, after so many incidents of mistreatment, neglect or mismanagement at many of these facilities. There are also many excellent long term care centers for seniors in Louisiana, but if an elderly person is still able to get around well with some assistance, then it might be better to choose a CARE, INC caregiver to come to their home. The senior is able to keep some of their independence and dignity, rather than being subjected to the lifestyle of a boarding home.


Under the “Federal Older Americans Act”, the Ombudsman is an appointed public advocate who addresses complaints or a violation of the senior’s rights. An Ombudsman has official duties just like any other public advocate and is appointed by the state, Parish or municipality of his/her territory.

It comes as no surprise that Louisiana ranks high on the nation’s list of unhealthiest and least affluent states in the U.S., which goes hand-in-hand with health problems. Obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases are prevalent in poorer states and LA unfortunately faces many of these issues on a daily basis.

But there is one seemingly “taboo” topic that should be addressed. Louisiana has one of the highest percentages of new AIDS/HIV diagnosis rates in the country. It is estimated that nearly 20 out of every 100,000 people are infected. Many are not diagnosed until the disease has progressed, giving the patients higher probability of having infected others.

We’ve all seen the terrible affects that can be caused by drinking too much alcohol. Not just the campaigns to raise awareness for drinking and driving – which is deadly – but even those highlighting the other unwanted side effects of too much alcohol consumption. In fact, drinking to excess or drinking alcohol too frequently can increase an individual’s risk of accidents, violence, drowning, injuries or health diseases linked to alcohol consumption, such as: liver disease, cancer, diabetes and others.

The month of April has been set aside as a national observance month for Alcohol Awareness. The annual campaign is sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, whose mission is to create awareness of this prevalent disease and how it claims millions of lives – both directly and indirectly.

Has your aging parent been acting a bit “off” compared to their normal behavior? Perhaps getting lost on familiar streets in your neighborhood or maybe repeating stories they just told you ten minutes ago? If so, these may or may not be early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Very often, memory loss can be attributed to getting older; however when dementia sets in it can become difficult for loved ones if they do not understand what is going on with their parent’s mind. First, let’s go over the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, in case you are just discovering this for the first time.

If it seems like every year you feel a little “sad” during the winter, you’re not alone. Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) is a real affliction that occurs when people spend less time outside and more time indoors, such as throughout the long winter season. And while here in Louisiana we don’t get quite the same cold or snow that our northern friends do, there are still many people who suffer from the “Winter Blues”.

It’s not just the cold weather that keeps us in a state of....

Every year, heart disease tops the list of America’s #1 Killer. Deaths from heart attacks topped nearly 800,000, which prove there are still a lot of awareness efforts to be made. The president addressed cardiovascular diseases in December of 2013 as having “staggering physical and economic impact” of which this is true, given the growing pandemic of childhood obesity amongst the new population.


What can people do? How can we reverse this terrible disease that affects so many lives? Heart disease not only affects those who suffer from it, but.....

As the epidemic of childhood obesity continues to remain problematic across the United States, organizations have increased awareness efforts for parents and students. Juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity has increased five times the number of kids who are overweight as compared with 1974; just thirty years ago. According to the most recent studies by the American Heart Association, there were 23.9 million children between the ages of 2 and 19 last year who were overweight, including just over 30% girls and 33% boys. In households that were considered low income, this was especially predominant.

The National Assembly on School Based Health Care (NASBHC) has designated...

By the end of January, New Year’s Resolutions made with good intentions are waning. Do you even remember yours? If not, you are not alone. People typically break their resolutions somewhere by the second or third week, experts say. Some actually make it into February and then after one or two setbacks, they revert to former habits.

With health topics often topping the list of New Year’s resolutions, how can we be more proactive about keeping the resolutions we made on January 1?

If you haven’t done these things and just casually mentioned...

As of October 1, 2013, every state is required by law to offer an online marketplace for its citizens to choose and purchase health insurance. For some people, this will present a major setback in their finances. To others, this is exciting news that will make it affordable for them to seek the health care they have needed. Most states – including Louisiana – will provide five tiers of Qualified Health Plans. These are oddly named after precious metals (except the latter); including platinum, gold, silver, bronze and catastrophic.

The highest level of coverage starts with the platinum plans, although these are also the most costly in monthly premiums. On the other side of the scale, the catastrophic health care plans will only cover...

The Louisiana Children's Discovery Center is partnering with SOAR (Strengthening Outcome with Autism Resources) to host our first inclusive Evening with Santa and Mrs. Claus. This event will take place Friday, December 20th, 2013 from 12:30pm - 5:00pm.

This will be an event where children with autism and other disabilities will be welcome to come interact with a quiet or sensitive Santa and Mrs. Claus. Join us for this special holiday event for all children. Enjoy milk and cookies and an evening with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Christmas time can be overwhelming for children, especially those with autism. We are looking to provide a quite, more...

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