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Committed to people, first and foremost

As one of the longest serving and largest home care service providers in Louisiana, CARE, Inc. offers families a wonderful alternative to institutional-based health care. If you want to avoid placing your special elderly family member in a nursing home, assisted living facility or state school for a child with disabilities, our state licensed in-home personal care services are exactly the best fit for your family.

Since 1991, CARE Inc. has grown to over 800 employees within our four offices in LaPlace, Covington, Hammond and Baton Rouge, LA. Because of our size, we have more staff to choose from and can absorb budget cuts and regulatory changes better than other providers. Our company is exceptional because of our people. They are warm, friendly, loyal and helpful, aside from being well-trained and ready to serve the needs of your family. We train our staff to understand the special needs of disabled, developmentally challenged or elderly people, which translate to better care for clients.

In fact, everyone on the Care, Inc. team is incredibly supportive, including the supervisors, scheduling team, and quality assurance that perform continual audits to ensure proper billing for our clients. We also have an “Elite Backup Group” who are the fill-in caretakers with extra experience. They cover shifts in case of sickness, vacations, emergencies or absences and they are considered the best of the best.

CARE, Inc.:

  • is state licensed and insured for provision of in-home personal care services
  • has over 22+ years of in-home care experience
  • employs 800+ qualified Care Attendants who are screened with a statewide criminal background check, as well as being professionally trained and managed
  • requires Care Attendants to receive 16+ hrs orientation, plus 16+ hrs of continued training each year, including First Aid training
  • supervises all staff interaction through our Social Service Coordinators to ensure top level service
  • specializes in Direct Care Services so that we can focus on the best care available for your loved ones
  • has over 600 clients that we assist every day

We provide all waiver services, including:

  • New Opportunities Waiver
  • Elderly and Disabled Waiver
  • Children’s Choice Waiver
  • Community Choices Waiver
  • LT-PCS
  • Private Care

Above all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about CARE, Inc. We look forward to learning more about your family and providing you with exceptional support.

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