Long Term Personal Care Service

Find Relief with Our Long Term Personal Care Services

Worry less and feel good knowing that our caring CARE, Inc. attendants are giving your loved ones the companionship and care they need. When you can’t be there all the time, you’ll feel good knowing that we do everything we can to ensure your loved one’s comfort and independence.

Government programs in place to assist you

In order to receive beneficial financial assistance, all participants must need only limited assistance with at least one daily living activity. For example, cooking, bathing, grooming, running errands or attending doctor’s appointments with assistance. Medicaid recipients ages 65+ or 21 and over with disabilities or who meet Social Security Administration disability criteria, must be in line with the admissions medical standards for nursing facilities; with minimal risk criteria. They must be able to engage in their own care with the assistance of the care attendant. For more information, click here.

This includes services such as:

  • Grooming or basic personal care activities.
  • Cooking, preparing, eating and cleanup of meals
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Small errands or household chores specifically for the client
  • Helping with grocery shopping
  • Going with clients to attend medical or doctor appointments
  • Performance of incidental household chores, only for the recipient.

This program doesn’t cover any medical administration, such as prescriptions or tube feedings. Supervision for any person who cannot be left unattended in the home is also excluded under Louisiana’s long-term care services Medicaid programs.

The long term care services must be requested by either the recipients or the responsible caregiver and is not designed to become a substitute for any current community-based supports. Instead, it is meant preserve the person’s independence within the community.

Care, Inc. must receive valid authorization once you are approved for these services. These will be grounded on medical necessities and tailored to the needs of each specific client. Please note that long-term care service coverage is limited to 56 hours per week.

Relieve the burden of long term care services.
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